6 Tips for choosing the right curtain for your home:

No matter what furniture you use or how well you design your home, it is not complete until there is right curtain for your room. Every room is different, and every room requires different curtain.

Here’s your guide in choosing the perfect curtain for your window:

1) Use bright colours (i.e. yellow) or subtle pattern curtains, this will grab people’s attention when they enter the room, even if it’s a small room. This makes the room more spacious and breezy in nature. These curtains allow light and maintain privacy in the room, making it translucent. Additionally, use them underneath or on the top of the block-out curtains or against layered curtains with big prints or solid bright colours for visual pleasure. As they are pleasing to look.

2) Curtains are warmer than blinds. This works specially for bedroom as it creates Ambience, it creates privacy and light and temperature. Choosing between curtain and hard window treatments must totally depend on your requirement.

3) Bathroom generally requires 100% poly fabric, that can be washed in the machine easily. 100 % linen curtains absorb and create mould. In bathroom moisture plays the important role, and also windows in bathroom are pretty small, choose a patterned curtain which allows maximum light to pass through as it doesn’t make the room gloomy and which creates maximum privacy in the bathroom.

4) Hanging rod plays a vital role while selecting the curtain, whether its minimalist or opulent and gilded, the rod must match with the entire setup of the curtain and should match with the room.

5) To create a mature atmosphere, select neutral tones or big prints. Colourful fabrics and big prints opt as a better choice, but this could make the room look smaller.

6) Neutral Colour blends more than bright colour curtains. Bright colour curtain tend to fade pretty quickly if they are exposed to sun and aren’t taking care of them properly. Neutral colour suit any colour décor or wall and it fuses with them effortlessly.